Name Tom Melchiorre

Vehicle 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

Your experience with us

I have had my Ferrari F430 and AMG E63 Flashed through other companies and was not impressed what so ever, there was no difference in power delivery.I have researched a better solution for my LP640, I found very positive feed back with Singh Auto Sport. I was very impressed with the knowledge and the experience Jags has, he gave me some references. With more research I went with Singh flashing my LP, the car is unbelievable! The power del. Is so linear, no flat spots. The car is so much more enjoyable to drive. I am so impressed I am having Singh flashing my new addition 11 Maserati GT-S.

Name Neil Young

Vehicle Aston Martin Virage 2012

Your experience with us

With no roadmap and no ecu reprogramming tool, Jags’ tenacity and commitment to excellence got the job done and added ~50 bhp to my 2012 Aston Martin Virage. I’m delighted by the results and appreciative to find someone who went above and beyond to get my car reprogrammed.

Name John (skforza – Jaguar Forums member)

Vehicle 2011 Jaguar XJ L Supercharged

Your experience with us

Its offically done!!!
im located in edmonton, alberta Canada i had my car tunes and pulley installed in less then 5 hours, tech plug’d the ecu mapping into the computer and it was done.
power? hahahahhaa ive owned 3 amg’s S,ML, CL65 and now ill be looking to smoke them

Name Purevil (M5Board member)

Vehicle 2006 BMW M6

Your experience with us

I sent out my ECU to Jags at Singh Autosport last Friday. I received it back and re-installed it yesterday. First of all, the removal process is very easy. The ECU is located under the Charcoal Cabin Filter assembly on the passenger side. I had it out in 15 mins with no hitches. Re-installation was even easier. I have been driving it for the past day and a half and all I can say is HOLY CRAP! Huge difference in power…most noticeable in the 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd shifting. In S6, I get squirrelly when I hit 2nd and I get a big chirp outta 3rd. From a roll in first gear the tires break loose more than ever now. I don’t know how I am going to get outta the hole! I am going to the drag strip a week from tomorrow so I will post my times.
I can’t say enough about Jags’ service at Singh. He answered all of my emails within minutes every time, offered phone support if needed, and checked up on me today (on a holiday no less!) Thanks a lot Jags! Well worth the $1500.

Name Ron Fountain (icarus77 – Jaguar Forums member)

Vehicle2011 Jaguar XJ L Supercharged

Your experience with us

Here goes:

1. ECU Tuning Group Customer Service. Top notch!! Jags is a tuner, and as such can be a bit difficult to contact at first. I emailed, then followed up next day with a call because he asked me to. He was then super attentive through the whole process. I’m sure Jags has dyno sheets to post, but he’s busy tuning cars…I for one am happy about this after having done it, so I’m posting the dynos here. Jags sent me the laptop and OBD reader and answered his personal cell phone every time I had a question and was ready and willing to walk me through every step (even though it’s very, very easy). I read the file (15 minutes), emailed to Jags, he sent back tuned file (15 minutes), programmed car (10 minutes).

2. Results. Dynos posted here. I posted the baseline (mine was very strong stock…even the dyno operator commented based on the presumed 470 bhp rating…should have been in the 405rwhp neighborhood with drivetrain loss through an automatic tranny…rule of thumb of course). Mine posted three runs around 420/400 rwhp/tq. These runs were done around 11:30am in Dallas in 67 deg weather. I drove the car from cold start 10 miles to the dyno, let it cool for 45 minutes and made the runs.

Then I opened the tuning package, performed the tune. Jags was there all the way through. Buttoned it up, and per Jags drove at least 105.3 miles for the car to adapt. Drove it 113.8 to be exact, unfortunately, drove it for 1.5 hours straight to do so, directly to the dyno. Let it cool for 45 minutes and made the after tune runs. Four runs around 460/450 rwhp/rwtq at 5:45pm in Dallas in 75 deg weather.

Short story, gained 40rwhp and 50rwtq, which is AWESOME!!!!

Now, because of the temp difference, outside and car, those numbers are probably 10 low on each, but that’s just a semi-educated guess, and could be more due to the excessive amount of hammering I did in the 1.5 hours of adapting the car to the new tune because I drove it hard…very hard and it was very hot.

More positives…

While I was hammering the hell out of it for 113 miles, I averaged 18mpg (was 20 for the 113 miles, but with 4 pulls and more hammering it over 156 miles total got 18 mpg) 1 better than I usually average in typical city driving!

The car shifts much, much better and is more smooth all the way across the band. Even the dyno operator noted the improved shifting on the damn dyno and commented.

You can feel it without question.
AFR was 14.8 after tune (see bottom of tuned dyno sheet, they didn’t run wideband on base runs unfortunately, and I just caught that)…SOOOO MUCH BETTER and not in the danger zone everyone seems to be so worried about. You could run 87 octane in this rich sonofa3#$% stock if you wanted to…no need to worry about detonation.

OK…for those that just have to take stick to horse, I’m sure there will be a host of other questions, but I’m a converted ECU Tuning Group customer after this experience…for what it’s worth.

It’s a hell of a thing to buy 50rwhp for $1700…always a deal!! Throw in better drivability and it’s great! Now, I can’t say anything about the detectability of the tune, but Jags knows his stuff and I spoke to him at length.

Hope this helps somebody that wants it!

Jags, if you’re reading, many, many thanks!

Name Nam (NWturbo – 6speedonline member)

Vehicle 2007 Mercedes Benz R63 AMG

Your experience with us

They were very professional. Came right on time to pick up the ECU and brought it back the next day.

After allowing the car to adapt for 100 miles, I can say that it definitely picked up 40hp/torque as advertised. When you floor it, the car feels crisper and more eager. In regular traffic, it drives just like stock.

But the most amazing thing, my fuel economy improved by 10% (as advertised). So in about a year or so, the money I save in gas will have paid for the tune lol! This was my justification to my significant other

It’s neat to have a +540hp/500 lb/torque 6 passenger minivan!

Thanks ECU Tuning Group!

Name Hamann 6 (M5Board member)

Vehicle 2006 BMW M5

Your experience with us

I just got my M5 and finally got my ECU upgraded by SINGH AUTOSPORT in Fremont, California (www.singhautosport.com). The guys there had been telling me about this upgrade since the middle of last year, finally the car arrived and without waiting I had it done. I had the software installed last week and now the car F*ing moves like a rocket (I also had a Supersprint exhaust installed by them a week prior to this). I took the car onto the Automall next to Christy Street and the car fish tailed in 1st, 2nd and almost 3rd (while the power and sport was on and DSC off). Later on that evening me and friend who was driving his Gallardo decided to go for it towards the end of Dublin Blvd (Dublin, California) by the construction, the results were amazing, I was expecting him to beat me by two or three car lengths but keep in mind his Gallardo was stock plus a Tubi exhaust. We had a rolling start from 2nd and we hit up to 110mph. So after the 3rd honk we let it rip and the M5 was running parallel until the higher gears where I started to leave him behind, eventually we reached the end of the road so we pulled back. The ECU upgrade was well worth the money, only $1500. My friends originally questioned the price because everyone else was charging so much more, the guys there explained they read and write their own software hence they don’t have to pay other people to do their work. I gained about 35 to 40hp and 37lbs of torque, the rev limiter was raised by 300rpm and the speedlimiter was raised from 160mph to 211mph. I told my friend with the Gallardo to get his car upgraded done by them, these guys are one of two companies in the US who can program the Lamborghini.

highly recommended

Name Sergio Cantu

Vehicle 1999 Porsche Carrera

Your experience with us

Reporting back guys!!!


I just plgged my ECU back in and put about 30 miles on the car. Well worth the money spent.

As I understand, this is an adaptive ECU and will “learn” driving characteristics. When i first started the car ther was an immediate feel of smoothness in throttle response ans revved a bit quicker. Snappy throttle to say the least.

Low end seems to be no different, but come 4500rpm and above, the power gain is definately noticable. Nice strong pull with no drop off in power at 6200rpm.

Farzaan and Jags made this such an easy upgrade and dont mind discussing anything with you regarding upgrades or dyno results. I shipped out my box Monday evening, I received a call Tuesday Afternoon saying that the upgrade went well and was provided a return tracking number. Got it back 9:45am Wed…. awesome service!

NameMike Chan

Vehicle Porsche 996 Carrera

Your experience with us

Fellas, got my ECM back from ETG out in CA. reinstalled it back into the car last night and went for a drive. WOW!!!! OK, at lower RPMs between 1st-2nd gears to me not much difference. Where the money is, at 3rd-4th gear between 3800-4600 RPMs it just starts to pull HARD!!! It dont seem to level out as much at upper RPM range like before…..I actually ran out of road as i went tearing down the PKWY. I also the cars tone sounds more solid, beefer especailly during start up. It’s hard to expline but if you know your car you’ll know what iI mean. Yes it also feels a bit smoother as you get on it not that Porsches need any help nwith that!! Bottom line well spent money, I’m happy with it and I’m a picky MF’er…

Name Cameron Enfinger

Vehicle 2012 Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4

Your experience with us

Drove down to GI Motosports in Santa Monica and met Jags and Farzaan this morning. After the small talk, I settled into the GI waiting room and let Jags go to work. It took a bit more than 2.5 hours to pull the ECU and remap it. After everything was put back into place and check over, we cranked it up and took it for a little drive. Here are my initial thoughts.

1. Right off the bat it felt like it was in Sport mode. The idle was a bit tighter and the throttle delay was nearly gone. Took a block like that. Very peppy. Easily felt the added torque behind the wheel.

2. Switched into Sport mode. VERY noticeable. Like it wanted to jump up and GO! Very hard not to want to flatten the pedal driving around Santa Monica. I jumped on it a couple times on some straights, maybe 300 yards. Pulled hard and fast. When you’re on it, you can really feel the all wheel doing its thing.

3. There was not a noticeable difference in engine acoustics. Both idle and accelerating sounded normal. Keep in mind, i still have the stock paper filter in the basket. I expect a little more throaty sounds from the engine when I drop the oiled filter in later.

Verdict? Win.

Name Sean Turner

Vehicle Jaguar XKR 2007

Your experience with us

It was pleasure doing business with you and your company. I just wanted to say that your involvement with upgrading my 2007 Jaguar XKR was very comforting doing business from a distance. You was very attentive and you answer your phone every time when I had a question. I’m very satisfied with the results of my new 2007 Jag XKR. THE SPEED IS REAL……. Until next time

NamePaul Stansen

Vehicle 2007 AUDI RS4 V8

Your experience with us

I first learned of JAGS and his company Singh Auto Sport when purchasing after-market wheels for my RS4. JAGS’ subject matter knowledge is extraordinarily precise and extensive! I was possibly the FIRST RS4 to be tuned back in 2007. What a vast difference the tuning made to my car transforming it from a flat power band to an exciting power delivery that not only enabled more aggressive launch from stop and performance from Apex out but also significantly increased top end speed (speedo hit 192 mph so probably 165+ real time speed). Not so ironically, fuel mileage per gallon increased too from ~18 MPG on the freeway to 22+ MPG! Take a look at my AUDI RS4 here: http://www.audizine.com/features/azer.php?azid=34 The tune has been solid as a rock with no issues for going on FIVE / 5 / YEARS!!!

Vehicle/Vehicles tuned: 2009 AUDI A4 AVANT 2.0 TFSI

With the fantastic first experience with Singh Auto Sport, I approached JAGS with a desire to tune my new A4 Avant. Again / Still, JAGS subject matter knowledge had increased from when I first met him in 2007. HERE, I installed a front-mounted intercooler to increase air flow to increase not only power performance but to enhance the inevitable tune that JAGS made. Seriously, you would not know that this is a four cylinder car!! Power delivery is outstanding and, on the freeway, mileage is about 28 MPG. Thanks JAGS!