jaguar tuning and programming for better performance

Jaguar Tuning

Jaguars from 2006 can only be programmed via OBD2 only. We also offer pulley upgrades for supercharged vehicles. Customers who are not in a state where one of our dealers is located can also purchase the home tuning option.

Note: If a car model is “bench flash only”, it means your vehicle will need to be worked on at one of our nationwide dealership. In most cases, if you cannot make it to one of our dealerships, you may have the option of sending your ECU to us for us to program and return. Contact us to find out more.

Price List

Model Price
3.0 Supercharged $1,295
3.0 Supercharged with pulley $1,595
4.2/4.4 Non Supercharged $695
4.2 Supercharged with pulley $1,395
5.0 Non Supercharged 2010- $995
5.0 Supercharged $1,695
5.0 Supercharged with pulley $1,995
5.0 R-S with pulley $1,995
SVR $1,995