Audi Tuning

Some of the Audi’s we can also turn the volume up in the exhaust when programming the ECU. We can adjust the exhaust valves through programming. Most audis can be programmed via obd2 but some of the models, due to the encryption, have to be tuned on the bench.

Note: If a car model is “bench flash only”, it means your vehicle will need to be worked on at one of our nationwide dealership. In most cases, if you cannot make it to one of our dealerships, you may have the option of sending your ECU to us for us to program and return. Contact us to find out more.

Price List

Model Price
Audi’s from 2000 to present $545
2.0T $595
S4 2000-2002 $545
S4 2000-2002 TIPTRONIC $895
S4 2003-2005 $545
S4 2005-2008 $745
RS6 2003 (Including TCU) $1,095
RS4 2006-2008 $695
RS5 $795
RS3/S3 $695
S5 2008-2011 $695
R8 V8 $995
R8 V10 $1,495
R8 V10 2015- $1,995
S6/S8 V10 $1,295
S6/S7 $1,495
RS7/S8 $1,995
A8/Q7 4.2 $745
RS6 2008- $1,295
DIESEL 3.0 TDI $995
3.0 TFSI $1,195
3.0 TFSI with PULLEY $1,495
4.0 TWIN TURBO (NON S) $1,495
TTRS $895