Q: Why doesn’t ECU Tuning Group tune my car on a dyno?

A: Manufactures don’t have an engineer sitting at the end of the production line with a laptop to program each car individually. All cars arrive from the manufacturer with identical programming on board. Once we know the limits of each make and model we can then program accordingly.

Q: If a customer from California buys a car from New York does that mean that the car has to be programmed for 91 octane fuel as well as the California climate?

A: No, the car will automatically adapt to changes in fuel and climate.

Q: Will I notice the difference?

A: Yes, you will notice the difference right away but the car will continue to get faster and faster as it goes through an adaptation period that usually lasts up to 100 miles.

Q: My friend had his car tuned and he couldn’t feel the difference. Why?

A: It really depends on which tuner worked on the car? Most tuners have a limited amount of knowledge when tuning cars. Obvious signs of amateur workmanship can be gleaned by asking how many car manufacturers a shop covers. If the shop is capable of tuning one type of car, logic follows that he should be able to tune any car. Software is software after all. Beware of those touting allegiance to one particular manufacturer.

Q: Will it affect my warranty?

A: Our software is completely undetectable. Most of our customers are actually factory supported dealerships.

Q: What if the dealer updates the software in my ECU?

A: This can happen occasionally during routine service of any car. We offer 2 free re-flashes; for 3 or more re-flashes there will be a charge.

Q: What if I wish to keep the speed limiter?

A: The speed limiter will be removed unless a customer specifically requests that it be left in place.

Q: What about servicing the car?

A: The service schedule and procedures remain the same.

Q: How is the software tested?

A: All files are created and tested using a Cartec LPS2810 dyno. This ensures that we can make correct measurements with DIN, ISO, EWG and other corrections. The dyno uses correct cooling fans (a $30 fan from your local hardware store is not going to simulate the same airflow when driving on the freeway). The variables in a non-controlled environment such as airflow, fuel, temperature, etc make a huge difference to the results.

Q: What If I have other modifications done to my car?

A: Other after-market modifications do not pose a problem for our software. We can create the file accordingly to facilitate seamless integration with any other performance enhancing modifications. If you decide to add an exhaust or intake, the car will adapt after 30-40 miles.


We now offer our clients the exclusive convenience of tuning vehicles at their home or office. ECU Tuning Group can ship our client a computer/cable that allows him or her to easily download/upload the file from the vehicle. One of our highly trained representatives can speak to the client and walk them through the entire procedure if questions should arise. Discovering the true potential of your vehicle has never been easier! It is truly as simple as sending an email.

* Please note that utilization of our Home Tuning service will incur a non-refundable $95.00 courtesy fee in addition to the cost of tuning the vehicle. This fee includes shipping and handling of our equipment from our nearest location to the client’s location as well as a free return-shipping label provided that the client re-uses the original shipping container.
** Jaguar/Range Rover customers who would like to borrow our pulley puller must pay an additional $95.

Please email us info@ecutuninggroup.com or call us at (877) 813 9700 for more details and to see if this option is available your vehicle.


Back in 2012, ECU Tuning Group partnered with German based Speed-Buster. The collaboration was aimed to introduce performance modules with our custom software to the North American market.
For customers who do not wish to program their ECU, they can simply purchase these modules which we can program with our own custom files.

Some of the benefits of these modules include:
Customer can always go back to stock within a few seconds.
These modules can be transferred onto other vehicles in the future.
Customers who already purchased a module will only have to pay the difference if they upgrade (to a higher spec vehicle)
Modules come with 4 selectable files, the customer can select back and forth on how much power they require with ease.

These modules only work on turbo vehicles such as Audi, Bentley V8, BMW, Ferrari, and Porsche etc.


Below are a few Dyno sheets which show the gains achieved after tuning from ECU Tuning Group.